Friday, February 06, 2009

New Directions....

Recently a friend directed me to a new blogland friend, teaching handwork. Following her blog has given me thought about what to do with this space. My personal fiber ramblings while interesting to me, are likely that, only interesting to me :) But I know personally that working in a Waldorf School, and the only Waldorf School in the entire state of Alaska with the exception of a charter using Waldorf inspired methodology, it is challenging at sometimes to get the support I need to stay inspired in the classroom.

I admire Teaching Handwork for recognizing this niche and filling it! Waldorf Education is a very hands on manipulative, creative, exploratory, visual, methodology and sitting with a computer is not the primary method of information exchange. So while there are links to fabulous educational opportunities for teachers online, there is not a lot of.... here we know you are isolated here is support... out there online! What a great idea Teaching Handwork! :)

So I think that transformation is in order as we'd say in our mainlesson books when there is something that needs a little beautifying or tweaking to correction.

This weekend I'll work on looking at sharing my curriculum and what challenges me and maybe together we can find ways to inspire each other!

I'll still be...

making peace, and spinning fleece!