Saturday, June 30, 2007

all day????

ok, only 5, maybe 6 hours! had a SSK in the wrong place and was trying to fix it, but it was in a complicated spot in the pattern... ended up with about 6 rows 6 sts wide undone in the middle of a pattern UGH tried & tried & tried (you get the idea) to fix it. finally got a clue and isolated a complete pattern repeat, undid it to the beginning of the section and just reknit, voila! once i did that, it was all said and done in less than 5 min---sheesh! ok i am relieved, it was beginning to look like i was going to have to frog back to the beginning of the pattern entirely (that would have taken less time than i did trying to avoid it, but i feel as though i conquered)!

updated pic in natural light (during a break from it so that frogging would not ensue
sampler stole

my new Spindolyn with some angora/wool fiber from Susan
spindolyn with yummy fiber

also from Susan two (one for my ds who is 8 and loves spinning!) new drop spindles from Jim some silk/wool and some wool/tensil... the day was so bright, it isn't doing the colors justice... they are soft, silky, yummilicious can't wait to spin!
yummilicious fiber

non fiber related.... unless you count the shedding cat hair

King Henry, keeping tabs on the house...
king henry

the newest flower to show up in the gardens...
mysterious yellow flower

just some of the front gardens...
front gardens

& a bittie of the back gardens (roses just barely beginning to bloom, not seen in pic)...
bittie of back gardens

our summer is just now arriving, so the gardens are just reving up... i love spring (and knitting)

from one generation knitter to another

i love to give gifts that really feel as if they came from the soul. this probably explains why i have a box of gifts on short notice that remain ungifted. there is just something about what happens spiritually when you think of another soul while you are planning the gift. purchase or no.

i gave the silk feather & fan stole to my dear mom in law tonight. she is a knitter, although she has some memory problems and has found that she is not able to knit anymore (after 60 years!). this is very hard (for us both) since it was a really nice connection for us. i made her the Feather & Fan Stole for her combination birthday/mother's day. she has just come to visit from the Outside (aka lower 48) this week, and i just gave her the stole tonight along with a gorgeous book of Alaskan photography.

silk feather and fan stole

i nearly finished another pattern section of my Sampler Stole from Folk Shawls by Oberle. i am loving it, although the constantly changing pattern is challenging my short term memory. i am so used to doing mindless knitting, this is good for me. this is the watercolor colorway from Lorna's Laces in wool superwash.

sampler stole in progress

here is a pretty posey picture from the gardens

picture by dd

no gardening today... pitiful me

goodnight from Alaska, this is as dark as it will get

sky in alaska

Friday, June 29, 2007

what to do????

oh dear.... the sun is shinning (all night here) so my garden is going crazy from the 3 days of (much needed) rain added to the light that won't turn off. i want to knit, i need to sculpt ( have a show coming up soon) but i really need to garden!

today my sweet man and i dozed late, then went to the home improvement (wallet hijacking) store to get wood to begin building my new studio/guest room. realizing we could no longer avoid the call of the weeds we came home and dove into the gardens.

we recently moved into an old "new" house. i adore it. we downsized by about 50%. it was a LOT of work paring things down, but very liberating! painful part for him: losing garage space... read shelter for his 2 wheeled lover. painful part for me: losing studio & stash space.

all that said, we gained my dream garden with hundreds of perennials, an arbor with woodbine and clematis, trelis' with clematis, berries, a pond with a zen garden, roses, a patio with a lilic hedge... it goes on and on in the style of an english garden meets zen garden. i adore it but the day is not long enough... that is saying something when the sun technically is never far out of sight around here! what i want to be doing is sitting in the zen garden by the pond knitting on my Sampler Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. ***pics coming soon*** i have to say though, we did good. tremendous progress was made in clearing out weeds and grasses that want to take over.

another knitting note: i finished my Feather & Fan Stole out of 100% silk from Lorna's Laces in Waterfall colorway----yippee skippy! it was b*o*r*i*n*g, i'm so glad to be done. the finished stole is nice on the eyes though, and is going to a lovely lady named mom.