Friday, July 20, 2007

i have fallen and i can't get up...

my wheel (or spindle as it may be) has fallen out of the race on the tour de fleece! struggle as i may, the gardening is taking more of my time than i can spare. i started a much needed new tote for the upcoming school year (pix to come). but best news yet is that we broke ground for my new studio which will also serve as a guest cottage! whoo hoo!!!!

i am working my way around the gardens trying to figure them out and working on a routine to try and manage it all. i'm counting on next summer being easier, because i will know what is coming where and such. this week pruning roses has taken precedence, along with putting up wire cages around the bases of some of the taller perennials. i also had to tie up the giant dephiniums--they're past 6 feet and leaning in a big way. finding ways to treat aphids and fungus' organically is also on the "to do" list. i got a load of gravel delivered to beef up the paths, can't wait to get that installed and get some mulching delivered. i'm tired just thinking about it. tired of sweating with mosquitoes nailing me every couple minutes. :-P

Monday, July 16, 2007

rain and sun makes the garden go round...

when it is light most of the night you can actually see the green stuff grow! not much time for knitting or spinning when the grass and weeds want to rule the world.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

just a restfull day...

can you say lazy? slept in till noonish (not that late when you are up until sundown, which is somewhere around midnight) ate soup and read the paper.... in bed! read my latest novel-- middlesex. so far i haven't been pulled into the story, and i'm 1/2 way through. i don't much care for books written in the first person, or at least it is not my first choice. went for a family bike ride, this is something impressive. i always feel a bit like a freak show, there is just so much of us. maybe someday i'll have a picture taken. we went about 5-6 miles??? maybe. we rode from where we live around hood lake which is a seaplane "airport." kiska our 8 year old chow/collie/husky mix began limping about 1/2 way into the run. this is hard to see, she was a runner with a capital r. a few years ago, she'd easily pull you 10 miles, rest 1/2 hr and be wanting more. it is looking more and more like she has arthritis :-( next run to the supply store, and she will be starting condroitin for canines. hopefully that will help.

fibery stuff
i decided it is time... time for a new knitting bag. i have a huge tote that i put bolsters in to divide it into 3 compartments. it is made from brown sheep loden which did not felt down well so the bag is pretty big. it is looking... well... used. i also have a smaller tote from a pumpkin colored lamb's pride with fushia and a handpaint in jewel tones for trim. it bit the dust last year. so really what is left is my felted backpack, one that my dd returned when she decided to go for a nylon backpack (the traitor!). i can easily use another knitting bag.

i'm going to be using the lamb's pride in the kiwi color for the bottom, and then mixing a few other colors---a lot of them from lopi. pix soon as there is more than a seed stitch bottom to show for.

i didn't spin much today... unless reading about wheels and how to play on a spindle (need to work on that). i am stalled on buying a wheel---can not decide which. i really love the look of the ladybug that is coming out this fall. but i really want only a single treadle, and from the looks of it there are no plans for that to be. :-( what to do, what to do, what to do???

Thursday, July 12, 2007

all done!

whew... finally got the green koigu sox off the needles, it only took me a year (maybe a year and a half---shhhhhhhhh!).
done on size 1 1/2 needles.... my rosewood set, and only broke one during the process grrrrr, used 2 skeins of koigu and have walnut sized leftovers. used my standard sock pattern committed to memory.

still spinning, are you? *keep peace, spin (lots) fleece*

on a non fibery note:

dd & i saw into great silence last night. the first view into (i forget which) monestary. it was 3 hours long, and had to exit at about 2. i am a pretty spiritual person, but my heart felt heavy that i couldn't see the point. to isolate ones self from humanity to become one with a higher power seems to defeat the purpose of being human and sharing that peace. maybe in time i'll come to understand.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

back in the groove...

that is if you consider lazing around listening to talk radio while surfing, knitting, spinning being "in the groove"... i am! actually what is tying me to a stationary place is my lovable golden/newfie that has some hot spots that she is chewing. she's getting worse and has added a new spot while we were camping on the beach. we've started tyroid replacement to rule out skin issues from that deficiency. and after having gone through many naturopatics we're resorting to some highpowered steriod topically. the point? someone must be with her tuned into her at all times, or the muzzle must be on. i don't even talk about those bell hoods... have spent $$$$ over the years on those and she's quite capable of reaching what she wants with those on. and she's very good at ramming me with it when she wants something

fibery stuff

finished my sampler stole while out on the beach! i have to say that was one of the most challenging things that i have ever knitted. not because it was technical, but because of the ever changing pattern and the 400 stitch length (read a lot of frogging when you find a stitch count off starting a few rows back) ugh, but i love the finished stole! pictures to come after blocking

i have been spinning the tour de fleece!
here is the angora/wool blend from Susan in the anshuns biscotti. i have spun lace weight and then navajo plied it on the spindle- that was a first! i need lots more practice that is for sure. i spun some singles that vary from dk to sport weight. lovely fiber=yummilicious!
biscotti on tour

i am almost finished with sock #2 of my green koigu in a basic sock pattern, sock #1 was done over a year ago!
koigu sox

non fibery stuff

we came home to lots of new flowers and lots of bloomed out flowers in the gardens. it is amazing how much changes daily when it is light most all of the night. you can have a tight rose bud in the evening all the way open by morning. here are some of the new pretties!
pink pretties

i came across a screaming deal on some keen winter boots! i was going to replace my sheepskin boots, but i adore my other keens, and when there is only 1 size on the table, it is your size, and it is a shoe that fits like a glove... plans change!
keen winter boots

i also found some groovy rain boots. i have never splurged on rain boots before... we call them "break up boots" around here, but my dd is the same size as me now so i can justify them now.
grrrrrrrrr boots

this was a picture that i took on my way out of kachemak bay while up on the bluff. i know it is hard to see in the pic, but that is st. augustine spewing steam in the distance. it is not currently doing ash and lava, but lots of steam.
st. agustine puffing

keep peace spin fleece, do the tour de fleece!

Monday, July 02, 2007

love knows no boundaries...

this is not knitting related, but in thinking about being gone from home for the next 5 days, i am feeling badly about leaving my kitties at home. yes i know they have each other, and they are so loving to each other. the rescue foster mom that we adopted them from even said they were "married" because they are so bonded. turns out it is true. but in the bonding to our family... the wifey of the pair has formed an unusually affectionate bond with one of our 2 dogs. is this so sweet or what? the dogs come with us camping. kitties will be home with someone stopping in to love them up.
Abby snuggling up to Kiska

we will be camping on the beach here over the 4th of july. there will be much celebrating as we have two family member birthdays (we have our first official teenager!), along with independence day usa. i will also be haunting the art galleries. homer alaska is known for it's large per capita of fabulous local artists. my absolute downfall is the pottery (hold me back). this year i am going prepared with boxes with padding/wrapping instead of being in denial and having to figure transportation of goods after my visa starts smoking!

knitting???? oh yeah baby! there is about 3 hours each way of straight knitting time, and then all those lovely hours sitting on the beach with a campfire to keep the toes toasty. sneak a peek at the "on the needles" selections plus a few that i haven't yet posted to the blog---they'll all be coming with! yippee!