Monday, July 02, 2007

love knows no boundaries...

this is not knitting related, but in thinking about being gone from home for the next 5 days, i am feeling badly about leaving my kitties at home. yes i know they have each other, and they are so loving to each other. the rescue foster mom that we adopted them from even said they were "married" because they are so bonded. turns out it is true. but in the bonding to our family... the wifey of the pair has formed an unusually affectionate bond with one of our 2 dogs. is this so sweet or what? the dogs come with us camping. kitties will be home with someone stopping in to love them up.
Abby snuggling up to Kiska

we will be camping on the beach here over the 4th of july. there will be much celebrating as we have two family member birthdays (we have our first official teenager!), along with independence day usa. i will also be haunting the art galleries. homer alaska is known for it's large per capita of fabulous local artists. my absolute downfall is the pottery (hold me back). this year i am going prepared with boxes with padding/wrapping instead of being in denial and having to figure transportation of goods after my visa starts smoking!

knitting???? oh yeah baby! there is about 3 hours each way of straight knitting time, and then all those lovely hours sitting on the beach with a campfire to keep the toes toasty. sneak a peek at the "on the needles" selections plus a few that i haven't yet posted to the blog---they'll all be coming with! yippee!

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