Friday, January 16, 2009

Spinning during "Ice Days".... opposed to the normal "snow days".

The following is wool that I picked up at the Fall Spinning retreat in 2008. I didn't work too hard at removing short cuts, so there will be some pilling. But I am making felted mittens and slippers with it so who cares right? :)

Henry approves wool

Carding Basket

newly spun mystery wool

This is a wool/tencel blend, which I love so much from Susan's Spinning Bunny.
Autumn Sunset

And this folks is a memorial to the lovely crisp clear and very cold winter we *were* having... that has now turned to craaaaaaaaaaaaap! It is now in the 40's and blowing hurricane winds every so often. School's been closed for the past 3 days because no one can walk to their cars without risking serious injury. Well, some of us can, but not too many (I may dislike people with heated garages).
goose lake birch trees

make peace, spin fleece...

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Octopus Knits said...

Beautiful spinning! Wow, the weather sounds wild...